The Klondike Road Relay

Based off the name of the Klondike Gold Rush, this is a 110 mile road relay race that begins in Alaska and goes into Canada.The race starts on Friday evening, September 6th in Skagway, Alaska. It follows the trail of the Gold Rush Stampeders over the famous White Pass, through British Columbia, and into the Yukon, finishing Saturday, September 7th along the Yukon River in Whitehorse.

The 110 miles are divided into 10 legs that vary in distance from 5 miles to 16 miles long. Theres different categories from gender to age, for teams to compete against each other. Also, for teams less competitive, there can be teams of all ages and genders.

My mom has done 6 out of the 10 legs and she hopes to eventually do every leg. Some years the northern lights are out, others it is cloudy, rainy or sometimes even snowy.

Right when one runner finishes a leg, the next person takes off on theirs. Depending on what leg you do, you may get to run in the midst of the night. I really want to do it sometime, because it think it would be a really fun, beautiful experience.

Would you ever run in the Klondike if you had the opportunity?


My Spring Break

This post doesn’t have anything to do with Alaska, but I thought it would be cool to talk about what I did during my break. Last week, my swim team and I went to Colorado Springs and trained. Each day we had two hard practices, one usually at 5:30 AM and the other sometime during the afternoon. Other than swimming, we went rock climbing, saw Garden of Gods, went hiking, played laser tag and listened to lots of people give talks. I recognized a few Olympians- Katie Ledecky, Jessica Hardy and Jason Brown.


Here’s a shot of the pool. Along the side there was the flag where every Summer Olympics has been.


Here was at the training center after morning practice one day.


Looking up the Incline Hike and realizing how many more stairs I need to do.


This was a trail that we walked on that was surrounded by “The Garden of the Gods” which were huge boulders.

Here's my friends and I on our last practice of the trip happy that we survived the week.

Here’s my friends and I on our last practice of the trip happy that we survived the week.

Overall, it was a really fun, tiring trip. What did you do on your Spring Break? If you’re not in school, then were did you go on your last trip?

Kayaking in the ocean’s beauty

Something I think that all people should try sometime in their lifetime is kayaking! It’s a great way to explore new places while getting a workout.

A kayak is basically just a long narrow canoe which you paddle. It is a lot of fun to paddle around because you are so close to the water, unlike being in a normal sized boat. I would reccomend it to anyone who wants to try something new and loves being out on the water.


Last summer my friend Eliza and I paddled across the channel which separates Juneau and Douglas Island and it was pure bliss on the center of the channel with the sunset right near downtown. Also, we were lucky that is was a super moon too, which is when the moon is the closest it ever will be to Earth during its elliptical orbit. The moon was huge behind us and the sunset in front. I couldn’t capture a photo of the moon, because my iphone could not give it justice.


It was pretty funny because we were slowly paddling back, while still in the center of the channel when we hear her dad screaming at us to hurry because a cruise ship was coming! It wasn’t that close but we rushed back to shore, stumbling over the waves the huge boat creates. Another time kayaking, without realizing it, my friend and I got really close to a humpback whale. Terrified, we rowed as fast as we could in the opposite direction.


Have you ever tried kayaking?

A hike to remember

Two years ago, during the month of July, a few of my friends and our mom’s hiked the Chilkoot Trail. It is a 33 mile hike where you begin in Dyea, Alaska, and then ends up in Lake Bennett in British Columbia, Canada. It took us about 4 and a half days, but we took our leisure time admiring the sights and beautiful surroundings. The hike began as a long flat stretch, which leads you up to the Chilkoot Pass which is a very steep rocky incline. There were some absolutely breathtaking campsites, where oranges, reds and greens coat the hills.


A pretty swaying bridge going over a stream.


The steep, but fun Chilkoot Pass.

This hike is very historical because this is the hike that prospectors and packers had to do to get through the mountains during The Gold Rush. A unbelievable part of it was that Canadian officials required that stampeders take about one ton of goods with them, to try to ensure they were prepared to survive on the frontier. Their packing list included clothing essentials, as well as rolled oats, flour, salt, and bacon. The weight ranged from between 20 pounds to 400 pounds for one ingredient. So each man had to make lots of runs ranging from 40-100 lbs, then they would have to go back and bring another load.


The decline down into Canada.


Mountains and more mountains.


After the hike was complete we took The White Pass Train back to Alaska.

When we got back to Skagway, we had a feast of pasta and ice cream, and then we took the ferry back to Juneau. It was a great hike and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventuring into new territory.

Would you like to do this hike?


Family Fishing Experiences

Growing up with two older brothers who loved fishing, as well as my dad who commercial fished all of his teenage years, it’s safe to say that fishing has been in my family for a long time. My brother, sister, and I all commercial fish during the summer which I’ll cover in a future post.

My family and I would go out  sports fishing on our boat a couple hours out of Juneau and fish for the freshest salmon you could imagine. When I was younger I would love fishing, but once I got into my teenage years, I became way to impatient to fish with a rod. Usually I would just wait inside while my brothers did the labor of catching them so we could have good dinners featuring fresh salmon, which is my favorite fish. If I wasn’t inside, I would be either on the top of the boat feeling the soft breeze, or at the very front just feeling the calming waves hit the side of our aluminum boat. I would close my eyes, and just listen to the repetitive relaxing sound of the waves that are like a metronome that never ends.

June2007 351

Heres a good fresh catch of the day to share with friends and family.

Summer09 539

My dog Sophie  is not so amused at the salmon as she takes a nap with them.

There’s all types of great fish in Alaska, from halibut, salmon, trout, and much more! Also, there are other great seafood like crab, shrimp, and clams.

What’s your personal favorite type of seafood to eat?


A Great Ridge View

The Mount Juneau Ridge is a great hike to do during the summertime in Juneau. I would strongly recommend this hike to anyone who enjoys being outside. The hike is about 11 miles from start to finish, and it will take a lot of your day, but it’s totally worth it. Along with the hike comes a beautiful view of Juneau, and all kinds of different terrain which can be a lot of fun. The hike begins with a nice flat forest covered area, which then leads to the hard part: climbing up to the Mount Juneau peak. It is very steep but  beautiful with streams flowing down the grass-covered hills. Once you finally reach the summit, you begin your traverse across the ridge.

Heres my dad ahead of us on the pretty hike. The nice clear, weather makes the hike even better.

The snow coated mountains fill this photo, and the cool way of seeing both sides.

It is really pretty at the top, because on both sides of you are two totally different views: to the north is Lemon Creek Valley and to the south is downtown Juneau. Its super chilly up there, but it’s refreshing after the steep incline.

My sister, our friend and I sliding down the snowy mountain on our way down.

After hiking along the ridge, you begin your decline back down. The descent is my favorite part of the hike, which includes sliding down the snowy mountain. The bottom leads to a basin which is absolutely breathtaking. The oranges, reds, and greens paint the mountainside. If you go during the right time of the summer, there may be fresh blueberries, which is a great sweet snack to have during the tiring hike.

A super pretty backdrop in the basin.

A super pretty backdrop in Granite Creek Basin.

Whats your favorite hike you’ve ever done?


5 ways to have fun in freezing weather

People often think that since its super cold outside you have to be locked up, or constantly dreaming of of your next vacation to somewhere where temperatures aren’t typically below freezing. Streets are’t walked, fires stay burning, and driveways remain unplowed. However, I can think of 5 things that can make being outside in cold weather enjoyable.


1. Go skiing. Skiing is a lot of fun even if you aren’t very experienced. Moving around will make you warmer. A good part about it is even you get tired, you can hang out in the lodge and then go back out once you’ve feel better.

2. Go skating on a lake. Just make sure there are other people out there so the conditions are safe, and the ice is frozen solid.

3. Go have a snowball fight and build a snowman, because no matter what your age is, its fun to re-live your youth.

4. Go sledding. It can be so much fun to sled down hills. Its better to go to places that people have’t been to yet, so the snow is fresh. Also just exploring and adventuring unknown places. You’d be surprised how different someplace in when there is nobody out and everything is covered in snow.

5. If you and your friends aren’t feeling up to going outside, staying in and drinking a hot drink is always an option. You could watch movies, play a game, bake something and relax.


IMG_0664 2

Which of these things do you think sounds the most fun to do in cold weather?