Hunting Stories

My two older brothers and my dad have always loved hunting. I’ve never actually hunted anything before, but I have been dragged into helping them on their adventures several times. Alaskan game tastes much better and is more sustainable than store processed meat, but not all people are willing to go out and hunt for it.

My brother Eric trying to blend in with nature

My brother Eric trying to blend in with nature

My family used to moose hunt annually. We would freeze the meat and it would usually be enough to last us throughout most of the year. A couple years ago in Gustavas, Alaska, we took our boat there and my mom, dad, and two brothers woke up at dawn to go and try to get a moose. My sister and I got to just sleep in and wait for them to do the hard part. At around 9:00 AM, we were awoken from our nice sleep to a radio call from our parents saying that they needed our help and that they got one. We had to quickly get some materials they asked for, then we walked to their location in the forest. They told us how many paces they were in a certain direction and we managed to find them. For the following hours we had to carry the meat in bags to a van to take it back to the boat. However, once our freezer was full of delicious meat for the year, the hard work was all worth it.


Evan’s moose!

My brothers have also been into deer and duck hunting, but throughout all  my life, I have refused to eat wild duck. I personally feel that hunting is appropriate if you are going to eat what you shoot or catch, but if someone is hunting just for the fur or sport than that’s completely different. Overall, wild meat in Alaska is pretty common and hunting is not considered strange or wrong.

My brother as little kid playing with deer near our cabin in Petersburg. This deer is way too small to actually hunt but I guess he liked to play with them.

My brother when he was younger, playing with a young deer near our cabin in Petersburg. 

Would you ever hunt for an animal in the wild?


One thought on “Hunting Stories

  1. First taste of ‘Alaskan’ meat was bear… I was an assistant hunting guide in 96 and we had plenty of bear to go around. But it was Moose that made my day…. after the first taste I preferred it over and old cow that I had eaten for 48 years. Tis a sham but old age has stopped me from hunting and haven’t had a Moose steak in years.

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