City-Life in Alaska

Anchorage is the largest city in all of Alaska with a population of about 300,000. Out of the 730,000 people that live in Alaska, lots are from the Anchorage area. I really like it there because there is a good mix of urban and rural. Unlike some places where buildings take away all the beauty of towns, Anchorage has the perfect amount with Denali National Park nearby. The flight there is really pretty and really is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. 20140408-182517.jpgI haven’t spent much time there sightseeing, because usually I have a swim meet or something, but what I have seen, I’ve liked a lot. There’s also some really good restaurants there like Mooses Tooth, Glacier Brewhouse, and Snow City Cafe. 20140408-182438.jpgThere are some good trails for skate skiing and track skiing, but there is also Alyeska which is a downhill resort. It’s pretty funny because in Alaska there are basically only two cities with actual shopping malls in them: Anchorage and Fairbanks. Some of my friends have actually flown to Anchorage just to shop at normal stores while here in California there is shopping basically everywhere.

A moose munching away on some shrubs.

A moose munching away on some shrubs.

There some great wildlife in Anchorage like moose, bears and eagles. Have you ever been to Anchorage?


2 thoughts on “City-Life in Alaska

  1. Hi Lexi. Area that big and almost half of its people live in one city? Wow!
    About the malls in the two city, only one in each (two in total)? Just curious.
    Nice pics, by the way. 🙂

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