Of the seasons

Unlike here in Santa Barbara where seasons are practically inexistent, in Alaska there are clear distinctions between spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In autumn, the orange leaves from the previous year begin to shed onto the sidewalks and the weather begins to cool down. Rain is a huge part of fall in Southeast Alaska. The temperature isn’t very cold, but from August through October there sure are a lot of rainy days. Most Alaskans dislike these months because of the rain, but like I’ve mentioned in past posts, I love the rain.

20140405-210932Snow begins to build up at the top of the mountains and slowly cascades further down each day. Once winter begins you can tell a significant difference in how little light each day brings. As winter passes, there are days of powdery snow followed by day of slush and rain. The occasional week of wind and below zero weather leaves lots of chapped faces and dry skin.

20140405-211004.jpgSlowly, it starts to get darker later and lighter earlier. By the official first day of spring, trees are beginning to bud, and green grass is beginning peek out of the snow coating. Days are heating up more and more till summer comes.

IMG_0436By summer the weather is nice and pleasant with berries out and animals back from migration or hibernation. Rain still comes and goes, and snow remains on the mountaintops. Year by year, season by season, the world’s constantly changing.


What’s your favorite season? Fall and winter have always been my favorites.




2 thoughts on “Of the seasons

  1. I really love fall, because of the colors and rain. I live in Southeast Alaska and like you said rain a huge thing here

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