Skiing Fun

Eaglecrest, Juneau Alaska is a great small ski area. From going at age 6 till 15, I started with the super tiny “green circle” runs and worked my way up.

It is a great place to learn how to ski. I had weekly lessons for a couple years. At first I really disliked being cold and my feet getting really tired, so the only enjoyable part of it was getting candy from the instructor after each run. But as I grew up I began to appreciate how lucky I was to live only 30 minutes away from Eaglecrest.

Photo by John Erben,

Photo by John Erben,

It was like a really small community because everyone basically knew everyone else. There isn’t very many runs but but is a good place to learn how to ski. There is also a Nordic ski area at the bottom of the mountain where my parents would go often and skate ski or track ski.

Photo by John Erben,

Photo by John Erben,

It is really pretty up there regardless of the season. During the summer I have gone up and berry picked, and hiked. Then in the winter, of course skiing and sledding too.

Photo by Sarah Cannard,

Photo by Sarah Cannard,

Every year there was a really cool competition called The Slush Cup. People of all ages with the courage to possibly submerge into a pool of ice water enter. It is usually during the end of the ski season in April. At the bottom of a run, a huge rectangular pool of slush water is made. Competitors dress up funny and try to make it across the water skiing.  My brother Evan did it a few years ago and actually made it across.


Photo by Nathan Coffee,

Photo by Nathan Coffee,

What’s your favorite ski area you’ve been to?


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